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Currently, OptimEyes is offered as a service from Langbourne Rust Research, Inc: a company that has been providing research services to leading industry and non-profits for 40 years.

Under construction: OptimEyes/DIY

Plans are underway to make the OptimEyes software platform available as Do-It-Yourself software for clients who want to recruit their own samples and do their own attention-coding.

It will be a downloadable, openly distributed software app that you will be able to install on your own system and use it to conduct your own behavioral attention measurement studies - onsite or over the web.

It will give you great customizability, security and economy.

And it will be risk-free and affordable. No upfront fee, no subscription plan.  Download it for free. Explore it. Try it out.  If you conduct a project with it, your fee will be based on how big the project turns out to be. 




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The DIY Product Coming soon

  • Check back here for the announcement OR
  • Ask us to be included in our Beta testing program