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About Attention

It is a fact that your eyes move toward things before higher cognitive processes like preference, valuation and thought kick in.  It is as if the eyes lead and the mind follows.

OptimEyes captures the direction of a person's initial, un-selfconscious gaze. 

The eyes' first reactions are directed by a logic that differs from the logic that guides higher cognition.  Asking people to tell you what they like, prefer, remember or whatever, will not tell you what they will actually look at. 

And remember, if they don't ever look at it, the preference, recall, opinion, learning and intention-forming you worked so hard to get will never occur.

To know what they will actually look at, you need a behavioral measure of attention itself. That's what we do.

How it's measured

  • We have people sit in front of their computer screen.
    • With a webcam on their face.

  • We play them a series of pairs of images.
  • We take pictures of their faces throughout each exposure.
    • Like the guy on the right

  • And we code which image they were looking at.

How it's processed

  • We get precise measures of how many eyeballs were directed towards the one image or the other in every competing pair of alternatives.







Eyes are the steering mechanism for the mind.


"Marketing will transform from being a battle for the mind to becomming a battle for behaviors" Joel Rubinson, Chief Research Officer, Advertising Research Foundation, 2008-2010