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Langbourne Rust and Joan Treistman formed a partnership in 2015 to market and deliver the OptimEyes service.

Dr. Langbourne Rust

Dr. Rust majored in experimental psychology at Harvard College He received his Masters and Doctorate from Columbia University Teacher's College in Educational Psychology, Development and Learning.

For over 30 years he has been running Langbourne Rust Research, Inc., doing observational research on what people look at, and using that research to help creative people learn how to engage audiences more effectively.

After he received his Doctorate in 1971, he took a post-doctoral fellowship at Children's Television Workshop. While there, he analyzed their data on children's observed attention to TV and wrote the creative guidelines that were instituted by the Workshop for maintaining children's engagement.

Over the years, major clients have included Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, United Methodist Communications, Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Workshop, McDonald's, The General Mills Radio Adventure Theater, Kids Health.Org, The National Forest Service, and many others.

He is an accomplished software developer who has created a number of software tools for behavioral data collection and analysis and he holds a patent on a new way for software developers, content creators and data vendors to monetize their products.

Joan Treistman, MBA

Joan Treistman has been an industry leader and a pioneer business-builder in the market research industry. Throughout her career she conducted observational research, together with traditional quantitative and qualitative methodologies, to guide marketers, package designers and advertisers around the world.

Joan holds an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

She was a cofounder and Executive VP of Perception Research Services: the first first mover in using eye-tracking for market research and advertising.

She has held senior executive positions at a number of the largest and best-respected market research and survey firms in the world. She has been, variously, Senior VP or Executive VP at Roper, Roper-Starch, NOP, Gfk and M/A/R/C.

She has been a board member at CASRO (Council of American Survey Organizations), NYAMA (American Marketing Association), ARF (The Adertising Research Foundation) and the MRC (Market Research Council).




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For Dr. Rust's Linkedin profile: click here



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This website has more information about Dr. Rust's background, writings and other services:  www.langrust.com



To learn more about the behavioral attention research done by Children's Television Workshop, read the chapter on it in "The Tipping Point", by Malcolm Gladwell.


Rust's paper, "Making Sense of Sensing Markets" on the how to do research that can really shape creative decision making, will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Marketing and Management.