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Data for creative choices

An old problem

Deciding between alternative executions is a decision every creative project faces every day. This one or that one?
Critical choices.

And how are these choices usually made?
    Seat of the pants
    Or places in between

A new solution

Hard data on which one actually grabs more eyeballs.

The OptimEyes service uses people's web-cams to directly record which of two executions grabs their eyes when the images are shown side by side, for a 3 second period.

OptimEyes is a syndicated data service. Many clients' options can be tested in a single survey, which lets us spread the costs among many and to radically reduce the cost to each.



It is very fast, very sensitive and very affordable - and absolutely objective.



Forbes Magazine commissioned an OptimEyes study to find out whether the Peanuts characters still had the power to grab kids' eyes. The finding: Yes - for Charlie Brown but more work will be needed for the others. They wrote it up in this Issue.



Which one got more eyeballs?

Here are some image pairs we tested. Which one do you think grabbed more eyes? Which one would cut through the clutter? Make your best guess.

To see which one won
, move your mouse over an image.

To see it enlarged, click on it.

72                    28





If people don't notice it, it never happens.